What is LiquidPlast?
LiquidPlast is a new liquid colorants based over well-balanced preparation of fatty acids all derived from vegetable sources. It is known that liquid colorant or any other liquid additive will have a superior dispersion and distribution within the polymer matrix at any stage, solid, masticated or viscoelastic form and of course it does not depend on temperature within the range (-50 to +4000 C). Until now, despite those advantages, liquid colorants in the market had other deficiencies resulted from the composition of the liquid carrier.

Liqui + solves the problems and thus offers the industry with optimal coloring solution. It is needless to state that the difference is achieved due to the composition of the liquid carrier, therefore it is not only right as colorant dispersing pigments, it applies to most other additives.
The composition of balanced fatty acids contains a measured percentage of saturated, monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fatty acids. Due to the different length and complexity of the different acids, we arrive at multi reactivity values as well as flexible stabilities of the composition that in turn allows the liquid to attach itself to different reactive end groups of most molten polymers. In addition the natural occurrence of Esterification caused by the less stabilized part of the acids with the help of the stabilizers (all natural) prevents oozing or rising to the surface of pigments or any oily substance that allows post processing.  
It is highly economical - cost effective.    
It minimizes the amount of "foreign" material in the polymer matrix.
Allows on line color change to go with low viscosity and liquid reology.
It does not create separation or delaminating at any process including the incorporation of fortifiers like glass, carbon, boron fibers etc.
It takes much less space & allows keeping low inventory.
In addition to these advantages the manufacturing method allows for small batches without increasing the cost to the customer.
Color matching is much easier with liquids.
LiquidPlast has been tested with most major polymer groups such as : Polyolefines, Styrenics, Polyamides, Polycarbonate, POM, ABS, PET, PBT, thermoplastic elastomers and more.
LiquidPlast lives no residues on dies molds nozzles or valves.
LiquidPlast can be applied, using Peristalting pump which is accurate clean & inexpensive. LiquidPlast allows the user to connect a simple manifold on the hopper block and by changing the hose coming from multitude of LiquidPlast containers change colors on line fast clean & easy the liquid would not stick or "hide" in corners, as masterbach do.
On top of that one can also premix LiquidPlast with pellets which gives the appearance of compounded material the mixing container will be relatively clean and can be wiped of with a simple cleaning paper one can also pre mix LiquidPlast in a silo without contaminating the feeding system.

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