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Friendly liquid colorants for the plastics industry                                   

LiquidPlast has developed new liquid colorants based on friendly balanced mixture of fatty acids carriers.

The advantages of the new LiquidPlast colorants -
Mixing and dispersing of pigments in a liquid system is superior to any other system at any temperature level.
Flows easily and covers every polymer pellet regardless of melting stage.
Colorants do not get caught in "hidden corners, just to get free in the wrong moment.
Superior dispersing makes let-down percentage 1/3 or a 1/4 of the Master-batch, which makes it significantly less expensive.
Lower let-down reduces the amount of foreign contaminants to minimum.
Color change becomes fast and easy due to the non-stick ability.
Compatibility problems are solved due to the balanced fatty acids compound.

The new technology frees the industry from using second quality coloring methods. Now the thermoplastics manufacturers will not need to use inefficient coloring methods like Precolored Compounds, Master-batch or integrating powdered color.
LiquidPlast is based on balanced mixture of fatty acids. It is not based on petroleum products, paraffin oil and solvents.

What the new coloring technology is offering -

LiquidPlast is cost effective coloring method.
LiquidPlast  gives the highest quality of plastics coloring - stability, homogeneity and minimal side effects.
LiquidPlast  is highly reproducible.
LiquidPlast  conform with international environmental and health standards and regulations.
LiquidPlast  is user friendly - cleanness, ease of work, color change etc.
LiquidPlast  is adapted to most plastic materials and color pigments.
LiquidPlast  is highly efficient and cost effective.
LiquidPlast  will not cause faults and damages resulted from corrosiveness and sticking.
LiquidPlast will not leave residuals known in other colorants.
The implementation of the new LiquidPlast is suitable for most feeding systems. Dozing with peristaltic pumps with give accuracy, cleanliness and ease of operation.
Using of LiquidPlast gives the advantage of better dispersion within the polymer regardless of the temperature and melting stage.
LiquidPlast leaves no dirt or contamination problems due closed production system.
LiquidPlast  has almost no limitations in compatibility with thermoplastic materials.
LiquidPlast causes no fumes emission.
LiquidPlast causes no degradation of the host polymer.
LiquidPlast  has long shelf life.
LiquidPlast has minimal loses during production.
LiquidPlast creates Esterification at elevated temperature (built into the system), prevents migration thus enabling printing and other post injection/extrusion processes.
LiquidPlast fatty acids combination creates the advantage of attachments to different reactive groups while the rest of the fatty acids will find a free space in the inter-molecule areas of the molten polymer.

The new, revolutionary LiquidPlast colorant is with the best prices ever.

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